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Learning French is an ongoing process. There is no way you can grab it like a cake in a restaurant. You have to persevere. You need people to encourage and to support you. You need to keep practicing so that what you already know can remain active.

You can’t learn how to speak French overnight, and you probably can’t learn it on your own, no matter how many books and CDs you buy. It becomes easier when you identify a small group within which you can brush up your previous academic knowledge.

–       Stop procrastinating,

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–       Don’t miss the next opportunity whereby French would be an asset for your success,

–       Don’t worry about where you are going to start from,

–       You can make it,

–       You are the only one that will make it,

–       You can count on our support (SOPODIVA Training Centre is well organized, with small groups that help you to interact with native speakers)

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Located at Madina Doku/Volta Lane – Accra – Ghana or at our annex at Abelenkpe (Opposite the Lighthouse Chapel). Our premises are painted white and blue

Tel 0540 2010 04 or 0267 092 896


“Citadel of communication”

We offer Intensive courses and Extensive courses for individuals that want

to learn French in a francophone environment and Year Abroad programmes for French students

We have a special programme for translators/interpreters.

Our courses are also for individuals, company executives, governmental and non-govermental organisation.

Since speaking is an integral part of learning a language, SOPODIVA Training Centre is a centre responsible in Benin for training its learners to become fluent conversationalists and effective public speakers in French at affordable fees.

You really want to take advantage of the fact that Benin is the best country in Africa for those who want to learn French. Fill this form and we will contact you very soon:

Our objectives –       To help our learners communicate their ideas in French language. –       To help our learners comprehend standard spoken French. –       To train our learners in effective public speaking and human relations. –       To try as much as possible to make the training interesting, easier, cheaper and affordable.

Our methods –       We organize interactive classes where our members exchange their opinions on various topics. –       Also in our one-on-one meeting we help to pinpoint the problems of members e.g. in phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction etc. and we offer the necessary tools, help or advices.

COURSES  AVAILABLE Level 1 : Beginner Intensive courses :  20 hours per week  (240 hours for 12 weeks) Level 2: Intermediate : 20 hours per week  (240 hours for 12 weeks) Level 3: Advanced : content and duration depend on needs.

Special courses for groups : Courses can be organized for groups at the request of a University or a company in accordance with their own schedule. Accommodation can be provided at affordable cost.

Individual courses : SOPODIVA can provide private courses as well, for those who need to acquire specific skills (written language, oral competence, French for Business, etc…). The fees and a schedule will be decided based on demand. You feel like coming very soon or you are interested in having more information or you have specific needs, please contact us.

Our training programmes

–       Public speaking class;

–       Leadership class;

–       Interpretation;

–       Drama group;

–       Choral group;

–       Debate;

–       Forum;

–       Variety or entertainment class etc.

Our talk topics

–       Culture and civilization;

–       Relationship;

–       Successful living;

–       Secrets of successful business;

–       Health, wealth, etc

Our vision

–       To train our members to become confident bilinguals.

–       To help our members to become fluent conversationalist so as to be able to communicate their ideas in domestic, local, national and international affairs diplomatically.

–       To use our communication skills to speak out against negative factors that hamper economic, social and personal development.

Our time schedule

Monday – Saturday

5.00 pm – 9.00 pm (evening sessions).


Depend on how intensive you want your programme to be.

Next start-up date

It is possible to start when you wish.

Register now and become a member in a club where helping you speak is our business.

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