Devenez staff International, Maitrisez l’anglais en peu de temps


Target  and Goal of the training

-You are already working within an international organization and you need a second language for a better position

– You want to become staff of an international organization and you want to learn a new language from scratch in an accelerated way

– You want to remove the language barrier by becoming proficient in your second language.

I-             Module 1 : Strengthen your vocabulary and all needed basics

  1. Best tools to make your vocabulary rich
  2. Practice and exercises for appropriation (vocabulary, grammar, and speaking)
  3. Work on large documents in your second language.
  4. Imitation technics to improve faster
  5. Modern translation tools : how can this help?

II- Module 2 : Learn the Language  in the context of Project management

  1. Initiation stage (initiation)
  2. Project planning or design stage (development)
  3. Project execution or production stage
  4. Project monitoring and controlling systems
  5. Project completion stage (closing)
  6. Project management topics (framework, international standards, portfolio, project vocabulary)

III- Module 3 :          Technical  and specific terminologies

  1. Important language tools for common use in every context
  2. The language in the context of UN institutions
  3. Management terminology
  4. The language in various areas of learners’ portfolio
  5. Environmental concepts
  6. Business concepts
  7. Technical and scientific concepts

Teaching method

The training will be fully practical, theory is limited to allow the learners to be able to have much of the time dedicated to practice. Our monitors are supportive and work as if you are alone in your class. In fact, our moto is “a learner is a class. Our teaching is fully inspired by the work experience of our language instructors who come from all areas of business ( (interpreters, translators, administrators, project managers, experts in social sciences etc. ,all fully bilingual). We also prefer regular short sessions than long irregular long class. In case of distance challenge the class can be organize by skype or any remote communication tool that can help remain on track. Key objectives are set at the beginning and help both learners and teachers to remain focus from the beginning to the end of the training.

We boost our students self confidence and we create the conditions for them to be fully conversant and open to practicing daily.

We provide learners with material according to the objectives that are to be achieved.


Module 1 = 1000 $ (Compulsory)

Module 2 = 1000 $ (optional)

Module 3 = 1000 $ (Optional)

Starting date and venue : To be agreed upon with the learner or with his organization.

Duration of each module : 30h/module to be organized according to the learner’s availability.

Registration : Send a request to and mention clearly the language you want to learn.

For more information kindly call :  Mobile +233 501 576 344  Landline : +233 302760844/+233 3025 4 2657

We are located at Abelenkpe, Accra Opposite the Light House Chapel Not far from the Abelenkpe Trotro Station