SOW Alys

HSE Manager

Sahorre – France

1 month at SOPODIVA Training Centre Limited (April 2011)

From France


I studied English for more than 10 years in my curriculum, but despite that I never spoke English fluently. I read quite well, wrote a little but I was actually unable to hold a conversation in English, much less in a professional environment for fear of making myself look ridiculous.

Thanks to SOPODIVA I fluently speak English and I am now working in an English country. My training at SOPODIVA taught me a lot of vocabulary but also how to use what I previously had.

It taught me not to be afraid of speaking English for fear of mistakes, to focus myself on what I wanted people to understand and on what I also understand.

This allowed me to start talking and gradually progresses came by themselves through continuous practice after the training.

The atmosphere is pleasing and the groups are small which allows fast improvement with various activities. In my case, it is the only English course where I really felt like improving seriously.

My teacher was great. A big thank to Serge!

AYEKO Romain

Head of Human Resource and Training

01 BP 6243 Cotonou – BENIN

Phone: +229 95 42 86 87

02 months of training at Sopodiva Training Centre Limited (June, July 2013)


Banque Régionale de Solidarité Bénin

“Coming to SOPODIVA has helped me to develop many skills. I’ve really improved my listening and my speaking. The environment provides you with many opportunities on the way to learn English, to establish contact with native speakers with whom you can discuss, watching English movies and TV, visiting attractive places in Accra. During my stay I’ve also appreciated how the training was conducted; each learner has his own English Lab on his computer (The Grammar Monster, The Sage’s English dictionary, the ReadPlease, The conquerors….). These tools help you to continue your training after leaving the Centre.

I advise SOPODIVA to anybody that wants to learn English in Accra  because they can take advantage of SOPODIVA’s package :  they organize the training, the feeding, the accommodation and the English Lab for you. This allows you to learn very easily and you will spend less money during your stay since life in Accra is very expensive.  If  you let SOPODIVA plan everything for you, you have more time to dedicate to your training. “

Anel Marina MALONGA

MBA student at RIT

Rochester/New York, USA

3 weeks (August 2012)

Republic of Congo


“3 weeks at Sopodiva Training Centre Limited have not only boosted  my English proficiency but  I have also gained a lot in terms of life experience.

Sopodiva gives you exactly what you need in order to crackle English language. There is no waste of time. 3 weeks were more than  enough for me to get what I wanted and I even got  more than my expectation.  It is important while going to Sopodiva to have goals and Sopodiva will help you to achieve them. Teaching methods at Sopodiva help and encourage you to learn. Just as a physician cares about his patient, Sopodiva will turn your weaknesses into strengths.  I am grateful to Sopodiva, you have contributed a lot to my learning process and I am now proud as an MBA student in New York.”

Rev. sister Ella LAOUROU

Project Cordinator

01BP: 1396 Cotonou – BENIN

3 weeks of training (2013)

From Benin


In a business environment where the development of partnership relations requires a better knowledge of the English language, a recycling coupled with a language course in an English speaking country had become a challenge for me. Three weeks spent at SOPODIVA in Accra allowed me to start really winning that challenge. Indeed, after my training, I have cultivated a mad desire to speak English anytime I have the opportunity. Today, I am able to read and to deal with documents in English, to listen to the radio and to follow the mass more easily in English. I am aware of the efforts that I still have to make to reach a perfect expression and SOPODIVA has given me the key.

Anyone who wants to study English can refer to SOPODIVA for reasons mainly related to the learning approach. Indeed, SOPODIVA offers very powerful softwares to enhance the ability in listening, in reading, in writing and in speaking. The training takes place in a small group where everybody can benefit from the expertise of each other and it allows the learner to dominate his inferiority complex so as to impose himself a discipline to speak English. In addition, SOPODIVA offers coaching very convenient to the level of knowledge and needs of each learner. The centre also dedicates all its time to the learners, and, thanks to the exceptional talent of the monitors, nurtures people’s passion for English language which tends to become a global language.

My gratitude to SOPOVIDA to whom I express my wish of a long life so as to always be at the service of Men and Women !


statistics engineer,

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, SARD-SC Wheat project

Mobile        : (00216) 52 35 90 16


5 weeks of training at SOPODIVA (July and August 2013)


Burkina Faso

During my stay at SOPODIVA Training Centre Ltd, my perception about how to learn English has changed. I have understood the best way to improve my English through listening and speaking. The new and the most important thing during the 5 weeks training was the coaching for job interview. I can say that SOPODIVA has provided the best coaching I have ever experienced with the best skills to look for a new position. I improve quickly my listening and my speaking through the daily debate, also my writing with lot of dictations and essays.

Choosing SOPODIVA you are sure within two weeks, to start improving your English and to develop large skills to face a job interview in English. After experiencing three different centers in Accra, SOPODIVA reveals to be the best English training center I have attended.