Our translation agency provides a quality service at a fair price. All our translations are done by freelancers who proceed a translation into their mother tongue. SOPODIVA Training Centre  is an expert in the translation of technical text and all types of documents (medical, architectural, scientific, financial, legal, technical, marketing, press release, advertising, bidding, book, contract ..).

Our most recent translations have been delivered to :

–          ASKY Airlines, Togo


–          UBA Bank /Nigeria, Benin, Ghana

–          BANK OF AFRICA/Mali

–          University of Abomey-Calavi/ Benin

–          ECOBANK ETI /Togo

–          ACCION International PADME/Benin

–          ACCION International West Africa/Ghana


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Similarly, we provide a computer applications translation service , software and websites translation in all languages for business and individuals, regardless of the branch of industry. TRADOS is the best software you can have on the market today. Do you feel you could be more efficient during translation by reusing content that has been translated before? Translation memory (TM) software offers the opportunity to leverage this previously translated content and provides an editing environment for translators to work in. SDL Trados® Studio, the latest translation memory software from SDL TRADOS®, is the culmination of many years of research and development and significant financial investment. It combines the best of both SDLX® and SDL Trados with new and innovative features, making it the most revolutionary translation memory software on the market. It not only offers you powerful translation memory, meaning you never have to translate the same sentence twice; it also provides one integrated environment for all your translation, review and project management needs. With groundbreaking new features and an open, standards-based platform, it significantly enhances productivity and maximizes performance throughout the translation supply chain. Key Benefits: Translate Faster • The use of translation memory technology means there is no need to keep translating the same content over and over again • New innovative features offer all users substantial productivity gains, enabling you to deliver projects faster while still ensuring the highest quality translation Translate More Easily • The integrated environment puts all your tools in one place: translation, review, project management, automated translation and terminology • The clean, clutter-free editing environment allows the translator to focus on translation rather than complex formatting and tags Translate More Efficiently • Make the most of your translation assets with a host of new features that give you maximum leverage from your translation memory • SDL Trados Studio is designed to make your life easier as many repetitive tasks have been eliminated or automated to save you time In case you want to buy or update TRADOS, please do not hesitate to contact us :

SOPODIVA Training and Translation Centre

Ghana office

Info lines (appels et whats’app) : +233 50 157 6344 /+233 54 020 1004 ou +233 26 709 2896 Landline: +233 302760844 E-mail

Benin Office

B.P. 2046 Abomey-Calavi. BENIN

Situé en face du portail principal du Campus d’Abomey-Calavi

Tel. +229 21 36 38 28 /Mobile +229 97 93 04 87


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